server migration

Are You Delaying Your Migration Project?

So you need a server upgrade but you aren’t ready to bite the bullet. The question is, are you delaying …

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server migration cost

Keeping Your Server Migration Cost Down – Our Top 3 Tips

Server migration cost can be a bit of a sticking point when it comes to getting your migration project signed off. Often, …

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Server migration experts

Server Migration Experts – The Removals People of the Data World

So you’ve realised you have applications to move from one host to another and are faced with the responsibility of …

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server migration issues

Server Migration Issues and How To Avoid Them

Let’s face it, when it comes to migrating data from one server to another, it’s never a straightforward process. Even …

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Graduate placement scheme

Dávid Kakaš joins the Stonegate Graduate Placement Scheme as Data Analyst

Over the past 12 months, Stonegate IT have taken on a number of medium to large scale migration contracts, which …

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Annual Technology Event

Mortimer Spinks Annual Technology Event at CodeNode London

On Thursday 4th February 2016, members of the Stonegate Team attended Mortimer Spinks 5th Annual Technology Event at business super-space …

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Data security

Data Security – This Will Reassure You On What Happens When You Migrate

Migration. At some point for every business, it’s inevitable that you will need to migrate your applications, domains or entire …

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Server end of life

Server end of life – what this means for businesses

Everything has a shelf life. Harsh but true. And this is no different for server end of life for versions …

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IBM partners Stonegate IT, IBM and LSBU

IBM partners Stonegate IT organise team building event at The Shard

With an IT service that moves applications to Cloud environments, it would seem rather appropriate that the team were up …

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Windows or Linux

Windows or Linux? What to consider when choosing a server.

Let the battle commence: Windows or Linux? Okay, the boss says you need a new server and it’s your job …

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