Rackspace Support Partner of the Year Award – How Stonegate IT Won this 2 Years Running

Posted in Migration, Stonegate Team On November 18, 2015

Stonegate IT regularly work with leading hosting companies, offering an independent migration service to their clients. However, it’s our long standing relationship with Rackspace that really paved the way for Stonegate, earning us the Rackspace Support Partner of the Year award twice.

A long history as a Rackspace support partner

The relationship between Stonegate and Rackspace began in 2007, when Rackspace got in touch with Stonegate to handle a migration for one of their clients. Despite technical challenges, the migration was a success. Ultimately this helped to accelerate the client coming over to the Rackspace platform.

Word got around and one referral lead to another. Within a year Stonegate had built an intimate understanding of Rackspace’s business and had benchmarked its service and standards against theirs. The result was a tight relationship that held great synergy in the fanatical services delivered to clients. Stonegate were adopted as part of the Rackspace team and became almost an extension of its service.

Fanatical support

This attitude and the quality of work delivered by Stonegate won the team Rackspace’s ‘Fanatical Support Partner of the Year’ award for 2 consecutive years (2008 & 2009.); an accolade that we are extremely proud of.

8 years on and we have migrated 5000 domains for over 200 customers, still maintaining fanatical attitude and service. In 2012 we helped Rackspace to migrate their largest customer Vodafone. This was a migration of 6 websites to Rackspace Cloud.

“5/5 Excellent: Quick pro-active & friendly, couldn’t ask for more. If only all our IT projects went this smoothly.”

Partnership without restraints

With a business model that goes to work through partner referrals, we have an agnostic approach to the partners we work with. Whilst Stonegate hold no exclusivity over Rackspace, neither do Rackspace over Stonegate. This has enabled us to offer a fanatical service to many a hosting company that has approached us, to help their clients move over smoothly. This has resulted in a higher conversion of leads and higher customer satisfaction.

 “If it wasn’t for Stonegate I wouldn’t hit my targets”- Olu, Sales Exec – Rackspace

Despite our agnostic position, we remain humble to the fact Rackspace has helped Stonegate’s growth tremendously. We have no doubt offered fanatical support to them, but they have been fantastic support to Stonegate.