Cloud Migration Predicted to Accelerate in 2017

Posted in Latest News, Migration, Tech News On February 9, 2017
migration predicted to accelerate

In a recent Cloud study conducted by McKinsey’s Silicon Valley Group, migration to the Cloud will gain momentum among large enterprises this year, as they move away from traditional IT platforms, in favour of Cloud infrastructures.

It reports that in 2015, 77% of large enterprises were still using dated traditional infrastructures. By 2018, this figure is predicted to drop to 43%, as more and more large organisations embrace Cloud adoption.

A Case of When, Not If for Cloud Migration

Contrary to some belief, it’s not that the big companies aren’t willing to move to the Cloud. Many are adequately sold on the perks of reduced cost, scalability, elasticity and security.

According to McKinsey’s Silicon Valley Group, it’s been a matter of timing.

Why? Because Cloud providers are constantly updating their services to up their game.

Migration strategy requires careful planning and expert execution and many organisers have been waiting for the right time and the right level of resources to carry out a potentially large Cloud migration project.

The SME Versus the Large Enterprise Migration

SMEs have been more proactive at moving. As migration specialists, Stonegate IT has been migrating large volumes of SME workloads for the past 7 years. As any small business grows, it will inevitably outgrow its on-premise servers and so the demand for SMEs to migrate has been high.

We’ve migrated a vast number of large businesses too, but if the report from the Silicon Valley Group is correct, we could start to see a greater demand for large scale migrations as the bigger enterprises decide the timing is finally right.

Watch this space!