10 Answers You Should Be Prepared to Give for a Migration Quote

Posted in Latest News, Migration, Tech News On May 5, 2017
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A server migration project is inevitable for every business at some point or another. This could be due to a number of reasons, including out of date software, end of support for your operating system or a move to the Cloud. But how do you go about getting  a migration quote?

Whatever your reason for a server migration, you’ll be faced with the decision to either handle in-house or outsource to a server migration expert.

Both options have advantages. If you have the resources and time in-house, then performing your own server migration could prove to be a more cost-effective option.

If you don’t have the resources and time in-house, then outsourcing your migration to an expert has a clear advantage over recruiting for a new position in-house and bringing them up to speed on your migration strategy.

Getting a Migration Quote from a Specialist

The main objective most businesses have when outsourcing to a migration expert, is handing over control to a third party, especially when it comes to sensitive data. Find out what happens to your data when you migrate.

Some of the questions required to provide a quote are somewhat detailed, which may put businesses off, but they are a necessity in providing an accurate prize for the work, so you’re not faced with unexpected costs at the end of the migration project.

Here’s what we need to know to provide you with a server migration quote, along with why:

  1. What platform are your source and destination servers?

Let us know the solution you are going from and to, to help us determine the best migration process.

It could be Cloud, dedicated, VPS, VMWare etc. We work with all commonly used platforms.

  1. What operating systems are your source and destination servers running?

The type and version of operating system on each will tell us if any upgrades are required, whether it be Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2012, CentOS 5, CentOS 7, Redhat 7 etc.

  1. What control panel (if any) are you using?

What do you use to administer your domains? We may be able to help save you some money on your migration for certain ones of your destination server, such as Plesk.

  1. How many domains or web based applications do you wish to move?

Are some sites complex or require special treatment? You do not have to include websites that just point to other websites.

  1. What are the sites / applications built in?

If re-coding is required to fix any compatibility issues (i.e. PHP versions), you may be required to complete some development work before or after the migration.

  1. If the websites / applications are database driven, how many databases will need moving?

Tell us how many databases you have any what size they are so we know how much data needs to be migrated.

  1. Do you currently host email on the server?

Let us know how many mailboxes you’d like us to move for you.

  1. Do you host any other data / services on the server, apart from domains or email?

This is where you can list any other applications, including custom-built applications.

  1. Will we have root or administrator access?
  1. When are you planning on the migration taking place?

Is this a time sensitive move or are you just looking for a migration quote at this stage?

Whilst some of these questions do require detailed answers to obtain a migration quote, your information is not shared with any other organisation and we regularly work under NDAs.

If you require a no-obligation quote for a proposed migration project, please feel free to complete our migration questionnaire, or give us a call on 0203 761 3520.