Stonegate Wins Award from Homebase & IBM for Its Contribution to the Homebase Separation Project

Posted in Client Stories, Migration, Stonegate Team, Tech News On November 29, 2017
Homebase and IBM award

Stonegate has, over the years, won some interesting IT award titles, namely Rackspace’s Fanatical Support Partner of the Year award. However, our latest award from Homebase and IBM is probably our most obscure to date, whilst accurately demonstrating the work ethic we are so greatly proud of.

Last night we achieved the Hippo Award for ‘most thick-skinned IT team’ at the separation party – a wrap party thrown by Homebase and IBM to celebrate the end of the mammoth project to separate Homebase from Argos.

The award was a friendly recognition of our contribution to this separation project, where we delivered the migration of over 400 servers within some incredibly tight, verging on impossible deadlines.

Despite the odds being stacked against us in terms of deliverables, where the migration window was reduced from an initial 3 months to just 6 weeks, we worked flexibly and arduously to complete the switchovers within the client’s timescale.

The Wrap Party

On the evening of 16th November, Stonegate’s delivery team returned to Milton Keynes, where they had been deployed for 8 months to deliver the migration project, to join Homebase, IBM and a number of other IT teams that had worked on the separation project.

The evening included a hosted dinner and drinks, where individuals could recount the experiences in a more social light, making jest of some of the challenges they faced.

Stonegate delivery team

Hippos are nice to look at but proceed with caution

This is an incredibly important part of the relationship between clients and partners as it helps to complete the rapport-building process and keep bonds strong for future projects.

Speeches were made to thank all those involved and discuss next steps for Homebase??

The evening also included a raffle, with prizes such as power tools (very apt), rucksacks, food and wine vouchers and even a Bunnings frisbee. The night ended with some epic after-dinner dancing and no doubt, some sore heads the following day.

The Award

The Hippopotamus Award, aptly named because a hippo has thick skin, was granted for our resilience and durability when responding to short deadlines, sudden changes and complex workloads. Other awards given out on the evening included the NHS Award for being most ‘patient’ and the BA Award for most air miles covered.

The Hippo Award

A bit of useless information if you’re interested – the collective noun for a group of hippos is a bloat.

Stonegate’s bloat would like to thank the teams at IBM and Homebase for inviting us to their end of project party and for recognising the work that we delivered, the credit for which undoubtedly makes the work that we do even more satisfying.

We’re now off to wallow in a mud bath before our next big project.