Why We Use Basecamp for Project Management

Posted in Latest News, Stonegate Team, Tech News On January 24, 2018

We all know that there are hundreds of Project Management solutions out there. The choice is a little overwhelming when you start digging but sometimes the best plan is just to keep it simple. That’s our excuse for using Basecamp for the last 10 years!

As a fast-paced IT team delivering migrations, we are used to managing multiple projects at once. But contrary to some PM needs for fancy, complex systems, we prefer quite the opposite. Ok, ok…just hear me out.

5 reasons why we love the simplicity of Basecamp


  1. Tasks

The main features we really like are the ability to add ToDo’s and Milestones to every project and then view them in a calendar either just for that project or all projects in a single calendar view.

  1. Messaging

We send messages via Basecamp and recipients can answer just by replying to the email.  The email is picked up and added to the Basecamp thread. We can add multiple people to the message recipient list, so everyone has visibility over the project.

  1. Time Stamp

Time tracking is available so that we can see exactly how much time each project is consuming. One really nice feature is the ability to create a message without any recipients, for example containing logins, that we can then point people to.  This is great because their logins details can be provided to them without ever being sent in email.  In this instance, they do have to securely log in to view credentials.

  1. Archiving

Once a project is completed, it can be added to an archive so that, if we ever need to review a project we can.  The archive provides an audit trail should it become necessary.

  1. Accessibility

We love Basecamp because anyone, with any level of technical ability, can use it and, in most cases, without ever even having to log into the system!

To summarise, Basecamp does everything we need it to do. Even when we have complex IT projects, we are able to streamline everything with a simple but effective project management system.

We have no intention of upgrading our Project Management software for the foreseeable future. As the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.