Stonegate IT Limited is an award-winning IT services company providing migration and transitioning solutions and IT support services for its clients and partners.

We’re a dedicated team of developers, system administrators, data mechanics and support technicians working together in the UK. We are Jedi masters when it comes to the world-wide-web, networks and servers.

Our Experience

We have deep knowledge and experience of servers and hosting environments.

Hosting was initially something we required ourselves, then became a service we offered to our clients. Over time we gained a deep understanding of the hosted environment and developed processes and tools for the management and migration of servers and online infrastructures. We are known and respected in the hosting industry and online community as migration and management experts.

We do most of our work remotely on web servers hosted in data centres around the world. We navigate dedicated servers and the Cloud in its many shapes and forms using Windows OS and open source technologies such as Linux.

Find out more about Stonegate IT

Stonegate IT are pretty social. We have a twitter and a Linkedin profile where we regularly post company updates, blogs, industry-related news and useful whitepapers. We also engage with clients and partners and are generally quick to respond to any questions online.