Stonegate IT is a world class managed support provider, with expertise in server migration and server support. Our ability to migrate applications safely and securely has won us the Rackspace Fanatical Support Partner of the Year award on more than one occasion and has also achieved a high level of client success.

Stonegate IT is at its core a migration service. We help hosting companies and Cloud providers to accelerate their migration activities for customers wanting to move over to their platforms. We also directly help organisations who need application migration support internally.

The server management and server consulting work that we do generally supports and complements our migration services, however we do offer these as individual services both on a bespoke basis or as part of a retained service to our clients.


If you have an application running on one environment and wish to move this to a new environment, we can help you to migrate, ensuring downtime and risk are both minimised to your business.

The destination environment these days is often a Cloud or a managed hosting service. To be frank, we don’t care where the application is going to. What we care about is getting your application from A to B safely, securely, on time and within budget.

We are familiar with migrating workloads to all kinds of server environments and we have developed a really deep specialisation in doing this, which is why our partners include leading hosting companies and managed service providers, such as IBM and Rackspace.

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World-class, award-winning migration and transitioning solutions for IT infrastructure, servers, business applications, technologies and data.


If your in-house sys-admin resources aren’t available, we can remotely monitor and manage your servers using state-of-the-art technology, reducing costs and improving productivity.


Do you need help understanding your server or hosted environment? Stonegate IT can provide expert consultancy services to support your business.