Our server consulting service covers utilisation of Stonegate resources engaged on migration projects. Or, based on our experience of migrating to numerous Cloud providers, Cloud consulting or architecture work. Many clients have used our services on projects, lasting a few days right up to 14-month on-site migration projects.

We consult on a wide range of migration options. This includes application migration, infrastructure migration and Cloud migration across Windows and Linux and other Unix platforms. We also cover common email migrations. We have experience of migrating to a range of Cloud and hosting providers and can migrate from on-premise servers or 3rd party hosting providers.

What Server Consulting Services Do We Offer?

Server Consulting

With a core capability around migration activity we have a range of server consulting skills which we can apply in guiding your planning, and approach, without having to engage us to do the migration work itself. We have been engaged on discovery only activity for example, where clients need to work out exactly what they have, and want to use different providers to execute the plan itself. A range of scripts and experience can be brought to bear from our experienced team to make us extremely effective.

Service Design

With the deep technical skills required for migration, we also have the architecting skills and capability to design custom Cloud platforms, hybrid environments, and generally advise on the new Cloud platforms, whether they be new Cloud areas or not.

Cloud Platform Experience

We have experience of migrating to a number of different hosting providers. For clients who approach us directly, we are agnostic across different Cloud partners, however we can provide guidance which providers are suited to your needs.