Stonegate IT is an award-winning server migration specialist. We offer a highly niche server migration service across a broad range of fields, including Cloud migration, web application migration, data centre migration and infrastructure migration.

Our deep level of sys-admin, dev-ops and project management skills form the basis of our server migration service and enable us to successfully migrate single applications or entire IT estates, for businesses large and small.


We are able to carry out quick and agile server migrations done remotely, such as a web application migrations. We can quote jobs within one business day and deliver the work within 2-3 weeks of the signed order.

Jobs are quoted on a time and materials basis following a discovery call. 95% of our work is delivered within the time quoted and no additional work is carried out without prior consent from the client.


For bigger projects, we can deliver end-to-end infrastructure migration programmes, with on-site project management offices and dedicated technical staff.

We have already done this with 3 major universities, one of which required a 300 Application migration to SoftLayer over a 12-month period.


We’re a highly respected, award-winning server migration specialist. Since 2007 we’ve migrated many thousands of domains and terabytes of data. Some of the biggest hosting providers in the world partner with us and regularly refer our server migration service to their clients.


If you have a server migration project you need help with, call us on 020 3761 3520. We have a few short questions we need to ask to produce a free, no obligation quote for the work.

Server Migration Services

Data Centre Migration

Our logical migration service works above the hardware layer. Rather than lift and shift servers, we migrate operating systems, VMs, applications, data and functionality. The hardware is left behind.

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Infrastructure Migration

Whether you’re looking to move a single application or entire IT estates, we can offer an end-to-end infrastructure migration programme, with onsite project management and dedicated technical staff.

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Cloud Migration

We have extensive experience with the Cloud. We are able to migrate data, applications and other business services from an array of different platforms to the Cloud or from one Cloud environment to another.

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Web Application Migration

We’ve moved over 7000 web applications and have honed our skills in this field, to ensure live services are protected by corruption or loss of data. Minimising downtime and risk to your business is our primary focus.

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