With our data centre migration service, we can migrate our clients to and from on-premise servers or third-party hosting providers. We often work with our partners who provision the hardware infrastructure in data centres and the networks connecting them.

Typically, our data centre migration work results in the hardware (servers or infrastructure) being left behind and the data transferred from point to point securely. Stonegate’s data centre migration service is always carried out above the hardware layer where we are competently able to migrate OS server images (virtual machines), applications, data or functionality. This is something we have successfully been doing for well over a decade.


The process of data migration involves creating a mirror of existing data on a new environment. In order to achieve this, we need to analyse the data types and formulate appropriate migration strategies for data extraction and transfer. Multiple methodologies may be required within a single migration in order to efficiently process differing data types.

Once the data has been migrated over to the new platform, it is verified to ensure the process has adequately been completed, data translated and that the data is supported by the new system. On some occasions, the systems on the source servers and destination servers are run in parallel, to identify any discrepancies or inconsistencies.

During the data centre migration process, we perform manual and automatic cleaning of data to improve the data quality. This also serves to rule out any obsolete data, ensuring it is compatible with the new server environment.


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