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1.) What platform are your source and destination servers?
     (Dedicated/cloud/VPS/VMware etc?)
2.) What operating system (type and version) are your source
    and destination servers running?
3.) What control panel (if any) is in use for administrating
    domains (Plesk/Cpanel etc)
4.) How many domains / applications in total do you wish to
    move? (include test domains and sub-domains)
5.) What are the sites / applications built in?
    (Wordpress/Drupal etc)
6.) If the websites / applications are database driven, how
    many databases will need moving and what size?
7.) Do you currently host email on the server, and if so
    how many mailboxes will require moving?
8.) Do you host any other data/services on the server
    apart from domains or email?
9.) Will we have full root (or administrator) access to both
10.) When are you planning on the migration taking place?

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